Helsinki and Spicy Chicken Wings part 3

With the perfect chicken wing in mind, we set out, once again to find the best chicken wing restaurant in Helsinki. The taste buds tuned to the spiciness, we search the internet for a few more places to visit and go ourselves a list.

The first restaurant, with a promising name of Colorado, which serves supposedly great steaks had chicken wings on a menu. So far so good. However, when reading a bit more, they were marinated in honey-chili sauce, so obviously not what we are looking for. Anyway, we stayed and order a small portion. The wings were nice and juicy, but the sauce and the dip, just horrible,so if you are after good wings, this is definitely not the place to go.

Our next stop ended up somewhat rock clubish looking Henry's Pub, which was located in the old bus station in Kamppi. When first looking at the menu, this seems our hearts started to beat faster and faster. The only thing we found was wings with multitude of sauces. Unfortunately, they didn't have XXHot sauce that day, so we had to downgrade to only XHot. Anyway, the wings sauce was the closest to a Buffalo wing so far, however, on the bad note, the wings were very dry. I am not sure if this was due to the fact that they probably freeze the hell out of them or they just had a bad batch coming out of the oven. We do have to go again to confirm which theory it is. The blue cheese dip and the fries were excellent, so this is definitely the place to go visit.

Our wing hunt is not over yet, will keep you posted with our next endeavors.