Buffalo Wings in Helsinki Continues

A new buffalo wing experience awaited us in the American-Mexican style bar(smoking allowed - which is weird in Finland) called Texas. The wings there were actually quite ok, but still not the ultimate American style wings that one would expect. The wings come already marinated in sauce, but are far from being hot. I believe they also have a BBQ sauce, but that just destroys the Buffalo wing idea all together.

Newly discovered frozen marinated wings in a German type grocery store called Lidl might just be the ideal wings out there.

So far it has been impossible to find naked wings without a marinated in Finland. Actually, there is more marinated meat out here than anywhere else I have ever lived in. Only some stores can get you a good naked meat, so you can marinate it yourself.

You know you have been in Finland too long, when..

  1. Your nice Armani suit has a fluorescent thingie hanging off of it, so cars see you in the winter
  2. Glögi becomes your daily drink on Christmas and you no longer consider it an alcoholic drink
  3. You find yourself silently waiting for a green light to cross a street that has not seen a car in the last 5 minutes.
  4. The panic sets in when you are on a bike in a town with no or only 1m wide biking lanes
  5. When somebody asks you in a supermarket "do you want a pussi?", you no longer giggle or even find it a bit weird
  6. When someone comes late to a meeting, you automatically assume, they don´t care and are rude
  7. Gloves and warm hat becomes your best friend in preparation for winter already in October, when the weather is definitely not a glove weather yet
  8. You became lactose intolerant or at least don´t bother asking what milk to buy if you bring groceries to a friend.
  9. Attending a Christmas party in early November comes natural and does not strike you as weird.
  10. "Cash" is a word you have not used in a long time and your wallet has only plastic in it.
  11. You no longer question why stores are closed on Sunday
  12. You become annoyed when somebody speaks Swedish to you