From Bangkok to Koh Tao

After our short stint in Vietnam we have boarded luxurious airplane from Cathay Pacific (definitely a nice change after all the buses and trains) and made our way via HongKong to Bangkok. We didn't stay in the backpacker center around the Khaosan Road, however, were just a short water taxi ride away in on a Silom Road. Hotel was very cozy, but no warm shower :(. (but I guess that is Thailand for ya). After a cerveza and Mexican cuisine from a Phillipino cook, we were ready to hit the hay.

The next day we decided to head out to the Khaosan road to talk to a travel agent from the Buddha View diving school on Koh Tao. Very friendly folks set us up with a VIP bus + catamaran tickets to Koh Tao for the next day. As you can imagine, we didn't really sightsee too much in Bangkok, but it seems that most of the big temples (wats) can be seen from the water taxi, so we saw at least something :).

The trip to Koh Tao (a small island on the east coast, close to Chumphon) was quite pleasant except the very choppy ride on the Catamaran which made a lot of folks not feel too good :). Anyhow, we have arrived and the Buddha View diving school came to pick us up and took us to their headquarters where we sorted our accommodation (about 8 euro/day).

Now we have been here for a few days and can't get enough of this lovely small island, its dive sites, people, food (shakes and pad thais :). It is just wonderful here. You can breath diving here all you want. Unfortunately, we came about a day late for the full moon party, so there were a tons of folks hung over and ready to go home :). We are staying for a few more days, so hopefully we will see some whale sharks :).


traetow said...

HI you 2 crazies!
just saying HI. Take care of your lady Libor, or maybe she's taking care of you! Ciao from the rainy Pacific Northwest! Forge On- traetow