Travel Budget for Around the World Trip

Some of you might wonder, how much a trip around the world can cost and how to even go about planning such a feat. Well, do not wonder anymore, you will find out more in a second.

Our budget for the trip was set to about 1000 euro per person for one month. Now remember, this was just the actual cost of a month while on the trip already. Before you embark on your journy, there are other expenses that one needs to take into account. Such expenses could be the flight tickets (if you are buying around the world ticket), visas, travel insurance, miscellaneous vaccinations (ouch:)) and necessary equipment if not owning it already. The flight tickets can be usually bought directly from one of the airline alliances such as Qantas in One World etc.. Don't forget to set up a frequent flier program to collect them miles :). We got ours from a travel agent Kilroy which was quite nice. For some visa information see our Visas section where you might find some information, but the price is minimal here, it is more just paperwork and waiting. Insurance usually comes to about 1000 euro/year, but the options here also depend on what country you are from. One of our insurances was from Allianz which has a good offer in a lot of countries. Start your vaccinations at least 4-6 months in advance, so you have enough time to get them all, for more info check out the Tropical Medicine Center.

Now back to the budget, as mentioned above the plan was 1000 euro/month/person, however, this didn't end up being our overall spend as we got hit hard a few times by costs for extra diving, van/car rental, organized tours etc. So, the overall spend became more around 1300 euro per month. However, that is not to say, it cannot be done cheaper if you stick to cheap hostels/campgrounds, do not take part in a lot of organized tours and don't succumb to activities such are bungee jumping, diving etc. :). It definitely can be done much cheaper and also much more expensive. Each continent is also quite different, the 1000 euro/month can be easily achieved in South East Asia and South America, but in Australia that would be difficult without buying a car and then selling it back. In New Zealand it is also possible to manage especially if one buys a car. The common rule is that if you stay over 2 months in a country, buy a car. :)

And here is a little grid which will give you a better understanding of the costs in each country and continent. Our goals was 33 euro per day per person, so you can make your own conclusion how we did here :).